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Big Blue - The Story of My DL1000 K5 (SOLD)

I was intrigued by Clement Salvadori's column in Rider magazine (April 2003) about riding the Continental Divide (CD).  Also about that time I kept seeing articles in Rider about the Vstrom, and I found the VSRI forum.  I also found several web sites about riding the CD.  So I bought a 2005 K5 DL1000 VStrom on February 28, 2005. From what I've read I don't think the Strom is up to the whole trail but maybe someday I will find out for myself.  Now that I have owned the Vstrom for two years I won't do the CD with it.  A dual sport 650 something would be much more suited to the task.  The Vstrom is good for a Forest Service road where a 4x4 is not a prerequisite and it is an excellent street bike.

I was also interested in upgrading my 1988 BMW R100RT, which at the time I decided to keep.  Continuing with my excuses, my car was nearly paid for and I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday 9 months early.  In the celebration vein I considered the Strom, Honda's ST1300, Yamaha's FJR 1300 and the BMW's R1150RT.  I deemed the Honda to heavy, the BMWs too unreliable while the Yamaha had a value train issue as of winter 2005.  That left me to choose between the ST1300 and the Vstrom.  Strange, eh?  I finally decided I had a touring bike albeit a vintage one and wanted something a bit different so I could go where my BMW would not go or I was unwilling to take it.

The Vstrom is such a versatile machine I sold my BMW in 2008 after owning the Strom for 3 years. 

I bought the Vstrom because I found a dealer who has a demo ride program.  Within three blocks I was sold.  I love that stonky motor!  Remember that old Linda Ronstadt song, Just One Look that's all it took, well for me it was Just One Twist that's all it took......

So the purpose of this site is to share my bike and what upgrades I choose.  I also want to give something back to the Vstrom forum and hopefully help other members with their option decisions.  Without this forum this bike would not be possible as it is today.

Since the bike was relatively inexpensive I decided to spare no expense on the accessories.  Roughly I have about $11,750 into this and now I'm happy with it.  Better than happy, hell this bike is a HOOT!  Another nice feature about the Strom is you can set it up to do what you want.  I set mine up for touring with a bit of adventure in mind.

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